Digital Signage Features

A time-saving and easy-to-use signage solution that needs just a few mins to set up!

sub menu template editor
coffee menu on tv screen

We have got everything you need!

We have a smart template editor using which you can create your own templates. We have the design section where you can upload your own display images. We have a scheduler using which you can plan your content well in advance.

We also have an App Store that has 20+ apps that you could put to use for many different things easily. We have bought everything you need at one place so it gets easier for you to make your content and displays more impactful.

App Store

We have integrated our solution with carefully selected cloud-based apps that can bring life to your displays quickly and easily.

Digital Menu Board Editor

Digital canvas Editor

Digital Catalog

Embed Iframe


Google Slide

Google Docs

Google Sheets

News Feed


Manage multiple TVs or group them from a our dashboard

The USP of the solution is that you need not be physically present at the location itself to update the content. Everything can be managed remotely.

If the same content is to be played across all the screens, they can be grouped to make the job easier instead of assigning the same content to all of them separately.

Use your own images

From the Design section, you can go on to upload your own images to display on the TV. We support images, videos or Interactive HTML.

Schedule content

We have an advanced scheduler using which, you can go on to plan your content beforehand. If there is different content for a specific day, you can go for an event based scheduler.

Choose the orientation

We have both landscape and portrait orientation supported. You can choose the device with the orientation of your choice and our system will work just fine

Assign roles

If you have multiple people managing the portal, you can assign them roles to each section so it gets easier for them and you as well to manage the content.

Reuse from Library

All the images, videos or any other content uploaded to the system are stored in the Library section. Hence, you need not reupload the same content every time.

Group Devices

If the same content is to be pushed to multiple devices, you can group them and push the same content to all of them at once.

Create multiple zones to feature in more content!

A single screen offers the potential to display different content. Considering that, we have the ability to create different sections on the TV to which a separate content of your choice can be assigned.

We also have numerous news feeds apps assigned as well that you can put to good use to keep viewers engaged.

A single screen can be divided into at the most 5 different sections. Each of this section space can be customized. We offer pre-created sections that you can directly choose as well.