Digital Signage Template Editor

200+ templates all at your disposal to keep your menu boards looking awesome!

digital signage template editor

Attention grabbing menu templates

With different categories of menus, it becomes easy for restaurants to choose one or create a completely new menu template. Updates get easier as well and can be done in a matter of seconds.

Easy and simple formatting options to work with

With the template editor of Harmony Digital, you are free to customize anything right from the background, the fonts, the placement and use your own food images as well.

Multiple images can be easily arranged with the alignment options.

With the already built templates, you can choose to edit them and play around till you are satisfied with the look and feel. The updates are instantly reflected on the linked devices.

all type of menu design

Variety of stock images, icons and symbols to work with

It might so happen that right food images might not always be available that could suit the look of the menus you want. In that situation, we offer numerous stock images that are displayed category wise. This way, it is easier for you to search for them and use them in your template.

Along with stock images, we also have a variety of icons and symbols that we notice being used in the menu boards quite often.

Everything is already there, all you need to do is customize to your needs and get started.

Readymade and carefully curated in-built templates

If you are not in a mood to give your fingers a muscle, simply go on to select any one of the templates that we have and get going.

All you need to do is input the menu items and price, add your brand logo and there you are. To make it more interesting, you can also add a different background that matches the look and feel of your restaurant.

The best part is that you can always revisit the template and edit it to create a better one.

How Does it Work?

Add a Background

If you are creating a fresh template, start by selecting a background or importing one of your choice.

Add Text

If you want to highlight anything about your restaurant, you can add some good tagline or text with the ‘Add Text’ feature. Font size, color and placement, everything can be controlled.

align images

Align the images

With options that let you put the image behind text in a subtle way, padding options and ability to align images next to each other easily, you don’t need a designer to create your menu.

Add Menu Items

Click on Add Menu to start adding the menu items. The editor will auto adjust to the template based on the number of menu items you put. You can also put items with different sizes. 

Input food images or stock items

Now when the menu items have been added, the next step is to select the right stock image and place it right. You can resize these images as needed and place them.

Add icons and shapes

Yes, we have taken care of this as well. While you often might feel you don’t need them, these icons and shapes come handy. Just select as many you need of your choice and place them correctly on the template.

We can help you design your menu!

Looking for customized menu design services? Well, share with us what you need and we can be of help at a reasonable price.

Template Editor FAQs!

Yes, the templates come for free along with the template editor.

Yes, you can also create the templates in portrait mode. Both Landscape and portrait modes are supported.

No, simply tap on ‘Save and Publish’ and all your edits will be pushed to the connected device automatically.

No, anyone can create the menu template if they have a clear idea of what they are looking to have. The template editor is very simple and easy to use.