Digital Menu Boards

Your food menu is more than just your food items! Make sure you pay enough attention to it.

digital menu boards for restaurant and cafe

Easy, super-quick and affordable

Getting your menu the right look might not be as easy as it sounds. Food also offers a vibe and this many ways depend on the look of the menu. With Harmony Digital, you have a variety of options to work with or create your own.

A template editor to create the menu of your choice!

You can trigger the Picasso inside you by creating a template from scratch. Input anything right from any shapes, icons, symbols, background and content. You can edit the templates anytime to create the version you wanted to have. You can always go on to create more templates or new templates when you want.

coffee menu on tv screen

Customizable templates that don’t need more work!

Pizza, donuts, burgers, bagels or a generic menu, we have got it all. Simply pick one of your choice, tweak it like you need and go live in seconds. We have tons of stock images that you can use or import your own images. We keep adding more and more templates from our end.

Key Benefits

Get rid of paper menus and the redundant print costs associated with it.

Make instant updates on prices and menu items

Design your own menu instead of relying on professional designers

Control all your updates from a single dashboard

Enhance more safety of customers by offering contactless menu

Keep customers engaged while they are waiting for their orders.

Different menu as per the day time can be displayed easily

It helps you maintain brand consistency across all locations

Key Use Cases

Update menu items/Prices

Often restaurants face the issue of updating item prices and adding new food items with paper menus. Both of these issues are resolved easily with digital menu boards.

Advertise special offers

If you are running a special offer, say 30% off on orders above a certain amount or anything, it could be put to good use by food lovers who might plan their lunch/dinners accordingly.

Highlight menu specials

If you have a new dish that you want diners to give a try or some most ordered items to be bought to everyone's notice, simply create a special menu and display it during your rush hours.

Showcase amenities

Along with the food, it would be nice if you highlight other amenities you have like a bar, kids playing area, pool or date special zone, many of these might prompt people to visit your place and give it a try.

Display customer testimonials

By putting up what customers have to say about your food, you gain more trust and loyalty. This also shows how much you value what customers have to say about food at your restaurant and the service quality.

Display food videos

It could be a video of food being prepared in your kitchen or just a marketing video that gets your diners even more hungry and excited to try out your delicacies. Videos definitely tend to grab more attention

Digital Menu Boards FAQs!

A digital menu board is the TV screens you see at restaurants that display their menu. The boards are mostly managed through cloud based softwares that lets you update content on them flexibly. 

No, it is not. You just need to procure the hardware at an initial stage. This hardware would easily last for at least 4-5 years if used well. The only thing then you need to pay for is the software which is available at a very affordable price in the market.

Digital menu boards can be used for almost anything right from menus, food videos, menu promotions to highlight specials.

Any restaurant or food providing businesses like canteen, cafe, bars… can use a digital menu board.