Corporate Digital Signage

Spark up your corporate culture with digital signages!

corporate digital signage

Simple, sophisticated and impactful

Be it anything like a birthday wish to an employee, welcoming a new one or an event announcement, anything can be communicated easily using a corporate digital signage. With technology being a driving force for all businesses, signages are set to play a major role.

Set the right tone for your company culture!

The culture of your workplace is important and you could put signages to good use there to bring everyone together. If you own corporate offices at different locations, this could be a great source to manage everything from a single location.

Display your vision or mission statement or go on to welcome your clients!

corporate welcome screen

Welcome new employees or announce a promotion!

Make the first day of a new employee memorable by displaying a welcome message or go on to announce that big promotion with a display and surprising them. You name it and we have it.

With in-built corporate templates, you just need to make final edits and get started.

Key Benefits

They help you create an impactful impression on your clients and visitors

They act as a smart medium to help you shape the culture of your organisation

All the content can be managed from a single dashboard making the work of staff easier.

Emergency alerts and notifications can be instantly managed

They can be used as a wayfinding tool in case of a large office space

They can be used by internal teams for presentations and discussions

They are multifaceted and can be put to use for different purposes

They are cloud-based and content can be managed from anywhere using them

Key Use Cases

Display company values

By displaying the vision/mission statement, you can let everyone know what your company stands for. This lets the employees align their work and goals accordingly.

Display important achievements

By highlighting the credentials, certifications and standing of your company, you grab more trust from everyone, be it your employees or clients. This also brings in more loyalty and trust.

Strengthen team building

Display messages on social get-togethers, company picnics or lunches and get everyone bonding. Signages ensure no one misses out on them.

Improve company culture

It is so important that the culture of your company is uplifting and constructive. With signages, you can add so much value to it. Welcome new employees, display list of promotions or announce a new event.

Welcome guests

If a new client from abroad is visiting you or there are some important guests arriving, you can always manage to create a notable impression by displaying a welcome message.

Engage with local info

By displaying feeds of local news channels, you can make sure that everyone is up-to-date on happenings around. Visitors can also be kept engaged while they are waiting at the reception area.

Corporate Digital Signage FAQs!

Corporate Digital signage are those eye grabbing screens you see in offices that display a variety of information right from their vision/mission statements, new achievements and the client testimonials.

No, again the cost on Hardware is one time. A minimal cost needs to be paid for the software every year.

It can be used for anything and everything that corporates could plan on to communicate with their customers and employees.