A lot can be done with
your screens!

Explore the endless possibilities with us,
Harmony digital is here to help you with all your signage needs.

Why Harmony

Harmony Digital is the most reliable and best plug-n-play digital signage software solution you could ever ask for. It needs just a few minutes to set-up and get started. 

The best part is that it can work with any industry be it hospitality, retail, education, corporate and others. 

Cloud based solution

Display any Kind of content

50 plus apps

In-built signage templates

Advanced scheduling

Industries We

Harmony Digital is multifaceted and can work with different industries seamlessly. The process of setting up content for each industry stays the same and the engagement levels that it offers is worth it.

Digital Menu Boards

With tons of in-built templates and a simple to use template editor, having digital menu boards is as easy as it could get. Simplified process, affordable hardware and ability to design menus the way you want makes it everyone's first choice

Retail Digital Signage

A screen with the right content at your store can add a lot to the shopping experience of all your visitors. Display offers, promotions or details on new arrivals at your store to make it handy for them to make purchase decisions.

Corporate Digital Signage

Your employees will value your organization based on the work environment and culture that you establish. Signages can play a very important role in the same. Welcome a new employee or congratulate one on their promotion.

digital display for corporate signage
digital signage screen for education

Education Digital Signage

Students definitely need more than books to learn these days. Signages can definitely be a great place to start changing ways education is imparted. With the canvas editor you can go on to display any kind of instant notice or announcement.

What make us so special

advance scheduling

Advanced scheduling

Schedule an event or content well in advance for your week. You can also map different content on the same day as per timings of the day.

Grant access & roles

Different employees can be granted roles to the particular section of the panel. It just takes a few minutes to do that and the delegation of work makes things easier.

20+ Apps

With template editor app, tablet ordering app, news feeds, google slides, google doc, spreadsheets and several other apps all you need is to simply create your content and link it to the device.

In-built templates

From the 200+ customizable templates created at our end, you can simply pick one and start using it.

Multizoning TV

The same TV screen can be divided into multiple sections and different content can be displayed on each section easily. This can help you cater to various interests of your customer base.

Grouping of devices

Multiple devices can be grouped together at one place and some content can be pushed to all of them at the same time.

Supported Hardware

The hardware that Harmony Digital works with can be easily procured from local stores nearby or online as well.

The system works with Android TV or Android Tablet. If you are using a normal smart TV, you can use Amazon Firestick or Android Box.

Supported Formats: